Plaster Casting Activity Week 1

Plaster Casting Activity Week 1

After watching multiple videos and seeing the full hands and feet that people were creating with just plaster and wet sand, I began to hype myself up for my own creation. I began to think of what i wanted to, whether i want to make some sort of “pose” with my hand and how i wanted it to look when i dug my work from the sand. I decided that i would just simply put my hand in the hole and fill in around it with no special pose. We were working in pretty much the dark due to our inability to free time in the day due to work, but we were determined to make our pieces of art as best we could. With the help of our flashlights, we dug our holes and created our molds. We then mixed our plaster with water from the ocean. We weren’t sure exactly how much water to use in our mixture but after pouring our plaster and mixing, we came to the conclusion that we had used to much water. We had used all of our plaster so we would just have to work with the soupy mixture in our bucket. After we poured it into our molds, we waited 30 minutes and excitedly, yet carefully began to dig around our plaster hands. I was looking forward to seeing a replica of my hand, but i pulled out some sort of club from the ground. My hand had no fingers. I must have collapsed the finger part of my mold when pulling my hand out of it. This was the first time i had ever worked with plaster, and only the second or third time i had ever made some sort of 3 dimensional art. Although the final product did not come out as expected, the experience was fun, and it was fun sharing this experience with a friend.plaster-bucket-2plaster-bucket


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