Wk 2- Art Experience- Landscapes With A Corpse

Wk 2- Art Experience- Landscapes With A Corpse

College is a very stressful place for many students across the country. All students fear one thing in particular, finals. Some classes make their finals worth almost 50% of one’s total grade which puts the students in a situation  where they have very little wiggle room and must do well to pass the class. This causes students to panic as their stress levels explode. Here at CSULB, the library is open for 24 hrs the week of finals and there are a lot of students that take advantage of that. Some students even bring sleeping bags and stay all night in the library as they try to maximize their study hours. Other students go as far as to take drugs such as Adderal to help them stay focused while studying. Like any use of a prescription medication without a prescription, this can be dangerous, but some students feel like doing this will help them succeed and make it through this stressful time. In this art experience, I wanted to create a scene that shows a student who overdosed on what we can assume is Adderal while studying. I chose to use my own desk at home as my backdrop instead of the library or in class as it is where i spend most of my time studying and doing homework. The entire situation is extremely tragic, as the student is just trying to pass their classes. It is so sad that some students feel that this is the only way to succeed.


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