Wk 3 – Artist Conversation -Kelvin Lopez

Wk 3 – Artist Conversation -Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition Information

Artist – Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition Name – Scrybaby

Media – Lithograph, Mixed-Media, Mono-Seragraph

Gallery – Merlino

Facebook – Kelvin Lopez

Instagram – @klart760


About The Artist


Kelvin Lopez is a student in the School of Art’s printmaking program, where he gets to use a lithograph to create some of his prints. Kelvin Lopez’ work is self described as being motivated by his personal life as a whole rather than a specific moment or instant in time. The subject matter of Kelvin Lopez’ work is inspired by his own beliefs and experiences.


Formal Analysis


Kelvin Lopez’ work is mostly lithograph prints on canvas, although there was a display of minerals at the center of the exhibit. The minerals themselves were often the incorporated into some of the prints. The prints were not dark or heavy at all, but rather light and “trippy”. The prints were often composed of a sort of pastel color, with the subjects of the prints arranged in a way that is slightly abstract, but not where the subject is unrecognizable.




Content Analysis


As stated in the Artist Information section, Kelvin Lopez’ work is inspired by his own personal beliefs and experiences. Much of his work contains images of crystals and rocks which he believes contain power and is an integral part of his beliefs. As well as the minerals, he and his dogs are often found in his work. When he was asked about why he chose the subjects that he did he said “That’s the best subject matter, whatever you are doing in life”. Kelvin Lopez describes his work as a personal reflection of himself. He says that he is not trying to push a message through his work, but is portraying his life through the prints, similar to a story. This is why he includes images of himself when he was younger and at a current time as well as images of his dogs. Kelvin’s work which I described earlier as “trippy” is exactly how he wants his work to be seen. He says that he took a lot of inspiration from other artists that create similar types of images.




My Experience


Sometimes with art, I feel as though an artist is pressured in a way to make their work have extra meaning, or that their work must be inspired and designed with a message in mind. In this exhibit, Kelvin Lopez created art that is a reflection of his own life. Personally, i have experienced a similar feeling when doodling. What i have drawn may not mean anything to anybody else, and it may not even be inspired with a  specific subject in mind, but everything I create is a result of what is going on in my life including my beliefs and experiences.



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