Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Jenny Cho

Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Jenny Cho

Exhibition Information


Artist: Jenny Cho

Exhibition Name: In Process


Gallery: Werby



About The Artist


Jenny Cho is currently a student in the School of Art’s Drawing and Painting program. This is her final semester at CSULB before graduating. Jenny’s art is a reflection of the struggles, issues, and overall experience that comes with being a woman. The subject of her art varies from a flower, to an empty room, but her message remains constant throughout. The issue of double standards is also present in the media of her art as well, as she challenges the idea of “what is fine art?” by using materials that one would not typically consider to be used in a fine art piece that is found in a gallery.


Formal Analysis


The media of Jenny Cho’s work varies greatly, as she proves her versatility with the work used in this gallery. As stated earlier, the subject of her art revolves around the issues that women face, but there is no common subject matter or even colors. Jenny is able to convey her message without making each piece entirely similar. Some of the art is light and colorful whereas some of the other pieces use some darker tones.


Content Analysis


The subject of Jenny Cho’s work revolves around womanhood and the issues that aise with growing up as a woman. One of the pieces that Jenny discussed heavily is her Blooming flower piece. The piece is a hanging piece constructed of woven paper. On one side is a closed flower that is yet to bloom, and on the other is fully bloomed flower. When she described what message or image she was trying to convey with this piece she said she was trying to show the concept of duality, the way two different things can live intertwined as one object or being. The flower also shows growth in one’s self as a person can bloom similar to how a flower does. The second piece that Jenny Cho went in detail with is her miniature globe room. The room is built of objects that she believes show the struggles of a woman. These objects include a pair of high heels a mirror which represent the struggles of living up to society’s beauty standards, and written across the back of the globe is “SLUT”which represents the double standard adn stigma that comes with having sex as a woman.



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My Experience


Jenny Cho’s work not only shows the problems women face everyday, but the things that come with growing up as well, such as with the Blooming Flower piece. I can not personally relate to some of the other works because I am not a female so I have not had to deal with things such as the beauty standard or with slut shaming, but it did bring those issues to light for me. I have heard of these issues before, but have never really thought too much about it, and this exhibition did just that.







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