Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Emily Barnett

Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Emily Barnett


Exhibition Information


Artist: Emily Barnett

Exhibition Name:

Media: Lithograph, mono type, watercolor, gouache

Gallery: Merlino


About The Artist


Emily Barnett is currently a graduate student in the School of Art’s Print Making program. Emily previously attended Humboldt state where she earned her undergrad degree. Emily’s art is a reflection of some of the problems she has dealt with in her life such as depression and anxiety. This is a common theme in all of her work presented in this exhibit.


Formal Analysis 


Emily Barnett’s work is mostly lithograph prints on paper but a few of her pieces incorporate other forms of media such as watercolor paints and oil crayons. In most of Emily’s work, there is a mix of black and white images with color prints layered over the print. The colors can be described as light pastel colors that bring some warmth and comfort to the work.


EB Gallery.png

Content Analysis


The subject of Emily Barnett’s work is centered around the depression and anxiety she has dealt with in the past. In multiple prints. there is a common image of a Winnie The Pooh bear doll. This Pooh bear toy was described by the artist as being her “comfort object” which would help her relieve any sort of stress or anxiety when she was younger. Another common image in her work is a picture of herself hiding under a blanket when she was younger. This shows herself finding comfort under the blanket when she is not feeling well. The combination of these images create a sense of safety for her younger self in the work. This may also explain the use of color in her work. The image of her younger self is black and white and her comfort items are always a vibrant, comfortable color to show that those objects are there to help ease her emotions.


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My Experience 


This exhibit instantly got my attention as soon as i entered the gallery. Upon seeing the images of the stuffed bear and her younger self hiding under a blanket. It brought back memories of myself. Almost everyone had an item that provided comfort when they were younger, and for those dealing with things such as depression and anxiety when they are older, there may be feelings of remembrance to when they had a comfort item such as a stuffed animal or blanket.


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