Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Elena Roznovan

Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Elena Roznovan

Artist Information


Artist Name : Elena Roznovan

Exhibition Name: Stop & Stare

Media: Video

Gallery: Gatov East

Instagram: @eroznovan


Artist Information


Elena Roznovan is currently working on her Masters degree in Sculpting in the College of Fine Arts at CSULB. Elena Roznovan previously attended the Maryland Institute College of Art where she completed her Undergraduate degree before moving to California to pursue her Masters. Elena is also a former resident of Moldova.


Formal Analysis


Although Elena Rosznovan’s degree is in sculpting, this exhibition was a combination of 3D and 2D art overlaying each other. As a backdrop, there is a video of a desert scene playing continuously while a series of colored frames or transparent pieces are placed in locations overlaying the desert scene.


Content Analysis


The desert scene playing as the backdrop is not actually moving or shifting as it seems. The 3D transparent pieces placed about the background creates an optical illusion that make it seem like the scene is moving. This plays along with Elena’s goal of challenging the viewers perception of what is actually happening, whether the scene is stagnant or moving.


My Experience


When I walked through the gallery, i immediately questioned whether the scene was moving or if it was still, which is the intention of the artist. Although it was not an extremely “busy” or “crowded” scene, it was very thought provoking as well as  being certainly interesting.









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