Wk 9 – Art Activity – Graffiti

Wk 9 – Art Activity – Graffiti

This week we were tasked with doing graffiti art with spray paint. I had previously done a little bit of art using spray paint but only using handmade stencils, not freehand. I unfortunately did not have enough time in between work to visit the Venice art walls but I would have loved to. I did my art on a piece of cardboard that I had laying around in my backyard. I did not buy any special paint as I used only the paint available at Home Depot. When doing my letters on the piece of cardboard, I had a couple issues with technique. I should have shaken the can more, and I stayed in one spot too long. This lead to my name coming out looking not so well. Overall, I really enjoyed this activity this week and am considering perhaps going a little bit deeper into graffiti art myself.


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