Wk 12 – Art Activity – Ethnography

When asked how I would be spending my Friday night, the reaction I received when I said I would be spending the night without electricity was pretty exactly what i was expecting. “Why would you do that?”. The very act appalled the people I told. I am going to be completely honest, I would never think to do this nor would I ever do it again while at home. I do enjoy camping and spending time away from electricity sometimes, but to stay away from it while at home is not something i would like to do again. The night started after i ate dinner. There is no way i would want to try and cook in the dark. After eating, i began my night without electricity. I sat at my dining room table and read until it got dark. After getting dark, I just sat and had a conversation with my younger sister. My night ended pretty shortly after that. I was so bored, i just went to bed a lot earlier then i would usually. I did not particularly enjoy spending the night without electricity. There is really nothing to do besides go to sleep early. I already have trouble falling asleep sometimes but when i tried to sleep that night, it felt so long. I just laid there for what felt like hours. For people who lived without electricity, it was just part of their normal routine. Their day ended when the sun went down most of the time. Instead of living on your own clock, you follow nature’s clock.


Where is spent my night when not trying to sleep.

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