Wk 12 – Art Activity – Japanese Garden Sketches

Wk 12 – Art Activity – Japanese Garden Sketches

This week, we were in the Earl Burns Miller Japanese gardens right here on campus. Our activity was comprised of multiple sketches which would be made using various techniques and constraints. The first group of sketches were to be made in under 30 seconds. This left little time for detail and the drawings came out for lack of a better term “Stick figure-y”. They were comprised of simple lines and the object drawn was barely able to be identified.



The next sketch was just a 5 minute sketch of a scene in the garden. My drawing abilities are very limited but the object on my paper was just a bit more discernible  then my shorter sketches. The next was a contour drawing of my hand. This was done by putting the pencil on the paper and looking at my hand. The pencil is then moved along the same path as my eyes but we are not supposed to look at the paper. My drawing started off a little shaky but at the end it kind of looked like a hand.




After the blind hand drawing we did two blind drawings of something in the garden. These came out absolutely horrible compared to the hand. These sketches were a little frustrating because its hard to gauge space when drawing something from your eyes. The hand was a little bit easier because i know the shape of a hand and I believed that helped me sketch the hand even if i am not drawing from memory. The last two sketches were representation and abstract. For the abstract sketch, it was difficult thinking of something in an abstract manner. I ended up drawing lines and shapes that did not resemble anything in the garden. Overall, this activity was pretty fun. I don’t visit the Japanese garden often and it was nice to visit and just sit and enjoy everything there. My sketches did not come out looking too good but the actual process of sitting and drawing something is a very pleasurable experience.


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